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I bought my home in Venice, Florida from the developer. I had to return to New York. During the build of my home numerous decision had to be made, but I was unable to get down to Florida. A friend recommended Lori to help me. She worked with Lori via phone and email. She handled all the negotiations with the developer on all aspects of the builder and the options we bought. She made all the decisions on my behalf and in my and my wife opinion did a wonderful job. I trusted her with everything even giving her Power of Attorney to handle the closing
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $275K in Venice, FL.
I highly recommend Lori to anyone interested in looking to buy, browsing, or renting! She found a wonderful beachfront rental for my family! She personally took time and went and visited numerous properties before suggesting places. What a time-saver and stress reliever! She knows area since lifetime resident, hard worker (goes above and beyond), arms herself with knowledge about every listing - I mean- things that I would have never thought of! Seems to know "someone" to get anything needed done. I want to say, most important- but when looking at price of houses, ALL are important! But she is trustworthy. I would not go to anyone else - but see what I mean for yourself! You won't be disappointed- and I usually shy away from recommending anyone!
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Longboat Key, FL.